• Question: why did science enthuse you?

    Asked by t7158 to Laura, Nicola, Norman, Sandra, Thanasis on 13 Mar 2013. This question was also asked by sherlockhomels2nd.
    • Photo: Laura Soul

      Laura Soul answered on 13 Mar 2013:

      I think just because I always had loads of questions about stuff. I used to drive my mum mad by asking her how everything worked or why everything is the way it is. When you do science if you want to know the answer to something you can just go find it out!

    • Photo: Nicola Wardrop

      Nicola Wardrop answered on 13 Mar 2013:

      I found it really fascinating to learn about all the different little bugs and germs that can cause disease in people – they all work in different ways and give different symptoms…like some make you cough and sneeze (which then passes the disease on to other people), some give you diarrhoea, some give you a fever, some give you an itchy eye. And yet they are so small that normally you wouldn’t even be able to see one of them! I think that was what enthused me the most about diseases.

    • Photo: Sandra Phinbow

      Sandra Phinbow answered on 17 Mar 2013:

      I love science, and I love the body – it does some amazing things to keep us ticking other and to regulate us, it’s a fine piece of engineering. It also does some right bonkers things too when it gets itself in a pickle! I can’t help but get all excited about this!