• Question: Whats been your favourite thing about being on 'i'm a scientist get me out of here?'

    Asked by queeneva to Laura, Nicola, Norman, Sandra, Thanasis on 15 Mar 2013.
    • Photo: Laura Soul

      Laura Soul answered on 15 Mar 2013:

      All the questions that you guys come up with, some of them are things that I haven’t thought about before!

    • Photo: Sandra Phinbow

      Sandra Phinbow answered on 15 Mar 2013:

      I’m really enjoying the kinds of questions you are asking! You are all clearly sat with your thinking caps on, and that’s great, anything to get you thinking is a good thing. And you’re making me think aswell!

      And I’m really hoping that you can see that scientists are ordinary people, and they don’t have to have a million PhDs on each arm, most scientists don’t even need to or want to.

      And I hope you can see that science is not all about research, if also very much about proving healthcare and answers to real people every day.

    • Photo: Nicola Wardrop

      Nicola Wardrop answered on 16 Mar 2013:

      It’s fantastic – I think I like the live web chats best because the questions come so fast, you can’t spend too long thinking about them…you just have to put down the first answer you think of!! Some of the questions are really difficult as well! Well done!