• Question: What is the funniest cell you have ever come across?

    Asked by aliceredington17 to Laura, Nicola, Norman, Sandra, Thanasis on 14 Mar 2013.
    • Photo: Laura Soul

      Laura Soul answered on 14 Mar 2013:

      There are all sort of funny cells inside humans, but I think the funniest one I’ve seen is a fossil from a really really long time ago, quite soon after life first began. In a period of time called the Ediacaran (about 550 million years ago) none of the lifeforms had hard parts like shells or bones, everything was squishy. There were some lifeforms that scientists have found fossils of that they think were just one cell even though they are really big, several cm across which is HUGE for a single cell. They would have been blobbly like a water mattress and lived on the sea floor. The only problem with them is that other scientists think that they were actually more than one cell, its quite hard to tell because the fossils are so old!

    • Photo: Sandra Phinbow

      Sandra Phinbow answered on 14 Mar 2013:

      Cells look so different to each other – today I have looked at plasma cells, histiocytes, polymorphs, superficials, intermediates, parabasals, metaplastics, red blood cells and al sorts today, and the funniest ones are the ones that clump together and take on a shape! We’ve seen chickens, dragons and christmas trees!

      Today I had one type of cell and a smaller one had sat it self on top of it..it looked like the cell had a face, 2 eyes and a mouth. Then when I focussed up and down it looked like the face was laughing. I chuckled quite a bit at that.

    • Photo: Norman Lazarus

      Norman Lazarus answered on 14 Mar 2013:

      Eggs because they have the most yolks

    • Photo: Nicola Wardrop

      Nicola Wardrop answered on 14 Mar 2013:

      Hmm, well it’s not quite a cell – its a whole worm, so it has multiple cells in it, but it can look quite funny! The worm lives inside people and animals, and attaches on to the side of the gut. If you find a very close up photograph (taking using a very powerful microscope, called an electron microscope), sometimes it looks like the worm has a proper head, mouth and teeth! It’s pretty scary, almost like a monster! I always things it is pretty funny looking…in fact, I am planning on trying to paint one soon!