• Question: Do you think there is life on another planet including not in our solar system?

    Asked by jammydodger27x to Laura, Nicola, Norman, Sandra, Thanasis on 18 Mar 2013.
    • Photo: Laura Soul

      Laura Soul answered on 18 Mar 2013:

      I think there is, the Universe is unimaginably large, chances are that there is another planet or moon where the right conditions exist for life to start. This life might not be anything like life on Earth, I don’t know if we’d even recognise it as life if we saw it, and I’m not sure whether I think other complex lifeforms that are self aware and can think abstract thought like humans exist. I definitely think that there could easily be very basic lifeforms, at least like single cells, somewhere out there!

    • Photo: Nicola Wardrop

      Nicola Wardrop answered on 18 Mar 2013:

      Yes, i think there must be – if the universe really is infinte and never ending, with millions and millions of planets, then surely the right conditions exist on one of those planets as well! Who knows what they would be – perhaps some sort of microbes, maybe aliens like you see on the TV, maybe something in between like fish! It’s exciting to think about it!

    • Photo: Thanasis Georgiou

      Thanasis Georgiou answered on 20 Mar 2013:

      We can’t really know until we go out there and search for it! Or maybe they do it first.

      We haven’t even managed to explore our own solar system yet, nevermind the other solar systems in our galaxy, the Milky Way, and let’s not even mention the other billions of galaxies that exist out there.

      The earth is really a needle in a haystack in the universe. Maybe we got extremely lucky and the necessary conditions for life to occur just happened on Earth. Or maybe not.