A thank you from your winner Laura

laurasoul-wThank you all for a great two weeks! Especially thank you for voting for me as your winner! I really loved taking part and answering all of your questions, there was such a huge variety of things you asked about and I remembered a lot of science that I hadn’t thought about in ages. It helped me get back up to scratch on my science knowledge too! It was great to see how enthusiastic you all were, and that science careers are something a few of you are thinking about. I hope that you all enjoyed yourselves as much as I did and that you will continue to keep asking questions about the way that things work.

With the money I’ve won I’m planning on setting up a website where school pupils like all of you can blog about the science that interests them. Once it gets going maybe we can start making podcasts as well, and getting other scientists involved to have a look at the things all of you guys have to say. If this sounds like something you’d like to do then talk to your teacher and tell them to get in touch with me so that your school can join in!

Thanks again and I hope I will be speaking to some of you soon


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